Roost DC provides property management services to condo associations and cooperatives in the District of Columbia. We focus on the city proper and work with buildings as small as ten units and as large as 100. Every building in our portfolio is part of the fabric of this city. From small modern buildings, to large historic high rises, we believe every owner, every resident and the management company are essential to the preservation of our city’s architecture, quality of life and rich urban culture. Unit owners and association board members should feel confident that their investment is both protected and preserved.


When partnering with an association, we build a dynamic management plan specific to your building in order to achieve outstanding results. From the “front of the house” to the “back of the house” we handle turnkey management. From maintenance, financial management, administration, governance to board relations and emergency service, we handle every essential management service and more. Our pricing is accessible and straight forward, but it’s specific to each building based on size, age, condition and ongoing needs. We would be happy to talk with you about our work, and your needs. Please reach out to and we can set up a time to connect. We hope you choose to Roost with us!




Roost DC works closely the association Board of Directors to ensure compliance with bylaws and meeting the demands of the building and the unit owners. Services include assistance with official notices, association meeting compliance, budget prep and implementation, residence compliance and fines, rule and regulation drafting, news and updates regarding regulatory and legal issues affecting the association and interfacing with the building engaged attorney as needed.



Roost ensures the operations of the building work smoothly. We meet with Board of Director’s annually & attend annual membership meeting. A resident audit is conducted including recordation of leases, rental licenses and contact information for residents and managers for individual units. Review insurance policies as well as long and short term contracts.



Roost provides full service financial management solutions for associations with an in-house accounting team paired with 3rd party auditors and sophisticated software. We offer on-line fee payment for owners, monthly finance packages, bill pay, annual budgeting, tax preparation coordination and audit coordination as determined by the association bylaws.



Roost focuses on maintaining the longevity and useful life of all common elements in the building. Our maintenance program includes pro-active maintenance, routine repairs, and oversight of day to day facilities care. Roost offers 24 hour emergency call services, quarterly walk-throughs of the property, regularly updates to the Board of Directors and residents on issues affecting use of the building.


We work to find the elegant middle ground between cost consciousness and high quality workmanship. We select vendors that balance the two and oversee their efforts to ensure consistent delivery of services. We have in-house technicians and a valued cadre of vendors that work to meet our highest possible standards.

The Roost Difference


What makes us different from a traditional management company? We’re pro-active and we’re interested in building and sustaining strong working relationships with owners, residents and board members.
We’re also employee owned which means staff turnover and lackluster service isn’t a threat to your association’s management plan. We work incredibly hard to make sure your building is cared for by all residents and managed with care and attention to detail. That takes time and excellent communication. We also just love what we do!