About Us

Roost DC is a boutique property management company focused on condo associations and cooperatives throughout the District of Columbia.


Managing buildings of any size requires quite a bit of finesse, attention to detail, strong systems, and great communications. Roost DC developed all of these traits as a company. Better management is better for the owner, the building, the community and the city. Simply put, when Roosting, everyone wins.


Doesn’t every building deserve the best?

Roost History


Roost is a sister company to Nest DC. Both are boutique property management companies focusing on providing the best possible services in the District of Columbia. While Nest manages individual residential rental units Roost manages condominium associations and multi-unit buildings. Roost builds on the success and reputation of Nest DC. From 2011 – 2015, Nest DC was voted by readers a top property management company in the Washington City Paper “Best of DC” issue. Washingtonian Magazine named Nest DC a “Small Gem” in the top 50 Places to Work issue.


Nest was founded on a simple principle. Great spaces attract great modern dwellers. When people are happy at home, they make better neighbors. Better neighbors make up better neighborhoods which lead to stronger, more robust and connected communities. Our hunch was right. Nest offers excellent service and spaces and, better yet, we contribute to the community we’re all part of.


Fast forward 6 years and all of us Nesters asked ourselves: why not build on that success? And better yet, why not ensure total commitment from the team by co-owning the next (ad)venture? We had every reason to follow our instincts. Buildings and associations were as starved for a personal touch and commitment to service as the rental world was when Nest landed. So Roost was born!


Roost is to building management what Geico was to car insurance. Buying insurance is right up there with buying tires. You know you need to play it safe but it’s the last check you want to write. But Geico changed the conversation and re-defined the marketplace by focusing on service AND style. They raised the bar. DC should consider the stakes raised for building management. Roost is employee owned, customer oriented, approachable and committed to excellence. What gives us our true edge? We love the work. And each other! And it shows.


A story worth telling!

Rental Management


Roost DC is a natural extension of Nest DC. Each company specializes in a specific segment of the real estate management landscape. Nest DC provides rental services to owners seeking tenants who will call a home their own. Nest DC offers turnkey boutique management services including leasing and marketing, rent collection, maintenance coordination, emergency services and bill pay. Nest happily offers a management discount to owners that also own units in buildings managed by Roost DC. Full details on Nest management services are available here.


Exceptional living for tenants, exceptional services for owners.